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The bank provides its customers with the facility of conducting financial transactions through the Internet through online banking. Online banking is also known as Internet banking. The bank provides almost all the services available in the bank branch to its customers through online banking. Such as money transfer, money deposit, online bill payment, electricity bill payment, savings account opening etc. At present, almost every bank offers online banking facility through desktop and mobile apps. If you have online banking, then the customer does not have to visit the bank branch to complete most of his banking transactions.

To enjoy the online banking facility of the bank, the bank customer needs to have an internet connection and be registered for online banking. After registration, the bank can start online banking by creating the customer’s username and password. Customers who have online banking can do their basic banking transactions whenever they want, from the comfort of their homes or from anywhere. What banking facilities can any bank provide to its customers through online banking. It is determined differently by different banks.

Online banking has brought a new era in the field of banking. The Bank uses telecommunication networks to deliver its value added products and services to its customers. For this computer and internet or mobile is required.

Through ATM also you can use banking anywhere and anytime. With the help of personal computer and internet, banks have expanded online services.

Advantages of Online Banking 2023.

Through online banking, customers can do banking transactions from anywhere at their convenience. The online banking service of the bank is very fast and easy. Through online banking, you can transfer money from one account to another instantly. Accounts like Savings Account, FD, RD can be played online through online banking by bank customers. Through online banking, bank customers can regularly monitor their accounts.

Disadvantages of Online Banking 2023-

Customers with limited internet or computer access face some difficulty in using online banking. Or customers who do not know how to operate a smartphone or computer are unable to use online banking. Many times it happens that in places where internet is not available or internet does not work properly, it is difficult to do online banking. Cyber ​​security is very important in case of online banking. Even after continuous improvement of the website, there is always a risk of and online fraud in online banking.

[2023] Keep in mind the following things in online banking, which are being explained to you in detail in this article –

  • Do not visit any website through e-mail message 2023 –

For the time being, never use a link in an e-mail message to visit any website. Any link in the e-mail can be at risk of virus or malware attack. Visiting a website from an e-mail message can put your site at a cyber risk.

  • Bank customer go to bank website by typing URL 2023-

It is very important for bank customers to understand that they should always login to their bank’s website only by typing the URL in their address bar. So that your user ID and password will be safe. Cyber ​​thugs are always trying to steal your personal information. You can save your personal data from cyber thugs only by your understanding.

  • Keep your PIN, Card number and CVV number confidential 2023–

Keep your Card number, CVV number and PIN number confidential. Do not share these with anyone. Due to the loss of their privacy, you may have to bear financial loss. That’s why banks also keep warning their customers from time to time through messages and calls that you should not tell your card number, CVV number and PIN number to anyone. The bank does not ask any customer for his personal information. So here’s my advice Do not share your card number, CVV number and PIN number with anyone. So that your money and your personal information are safe.

  • Don’t get lured by someone’s free gifts and prizes 2023.

Never get lured by someone’s free gift and price. Do not share your personal bank information with anyone in the greed of lucky draw. There is always a risk of bank fraud in such offers given through individuals and companies. To avoid this type of fraud, the most important thing is that you stay away from free offers given by others.

  • Do not keep unnecessary apps or software on your device 2023

 We advise you that you should never keep any unnecessary app or software in your personal device like Computer, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile. Keeping unnecessary software in the device can cause virus in your device and it can harm your device. In such a situation, it is necessary that you do not install any unnecessary app or software in your device like computer, laptop, tablet and mobile. So that your device is safe.

  • Conclusion

Online banking is very useful in present times. Through online banking, you can do banking work anywhere in a very simple way. But there are some exceptions to this as well. If you are not careful while working. So through this you can also suffer loss of money. Therefore, you should use online banking very carefully. So that you do not lose any personal data and money.

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