What is net banking? What are the advantages and disadvantages of net banking in 2023?

What is net banking 2023? – In this article, we are going to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of net banking and net banking in detail.

What is net banking in 2023?

The services of net banking are provided only by banks or any financial institution to their customers, through which they allow their customers to use banking services on their computer or mobile, where internet service is available. He can use this service by going to his branch, he can do all the work related to the bank or financial institution at his home.

If you want to use the services of Internet Banking. So you have to register online first for this. By logging into your NetBanking account, you can do all the banking work from the comfort of your home using your NetBanking User ID and Password. We have tried to explain net banking to you through our article in very simple words.

Following are the facilities available in net banking in this article in 2023-

Any bank or financial institution provides a lot of facilities to its customers through net banking. In the modern era, net banking has increased the scope of the banks. Due to which revolution has come in the field of banking. The bank has made its reach even in remote villages. So that banking services can reach the common man. Following are the facilities available from net banking-

1. Funds can be transferred through net banking and through this you can send money to any bank whenever you want.

2. You can view the bank statement of your account through net banking. Through this, you can also see pending statements, e-statements, in which all types of transactions are visible.

 3. The best facility of net banking is that we can see the amount deposited in our bank account. You can also view bank statement through net banking.

4. You can also pay tax through net banking.

5. Payment of any bill can also be done through net banking, apart from this, payment of credit card, installment of life insurance policy and payment of mobile recharge etc. can also be done.

Who gets internet banking 2023 ?

Who gets internet banking 2023 ?

The bank can provide the facility of net banking to all its account holders. But for this it is necessary that the service of net banking is available in that bank. The names of some banks are given below which provide the service of net banking – like Bank Of India, Union Bank of India, State Bank of India, IDBI Bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Central Bank of India, Dena Bank ‚ Canara Bank‚ Bank of Maharashtra‚ Bank of Baroda‚ Axis Bank and Punjab National bank etc.

Following are the benefits of net banking IN 2023-

 By using net banking, you can make the work of the bank very easy. Net banking can be used by opening the net banking site of the respective bank –

• To use net banking, first of all you have to go to the bank’s website.

• User name and password have to be entered on net banking.

• After that you can use net banking by clicking on login.

The benefits of net banking are being explained in this article-

01- You can use net banking online 24 hours IN 2023–

Net banking can be used by the customers of the bank 24 hours and 7 days. If the bank is closed on any day, then you can do the work related to the bank by sitting at your home using net banking. There is no restriction of any kind in this, it can be used anytime and anywhere.

02- Net banking is easy to use IN 2023 –

Net banking can be used very easily by the customers of the bank. There is no restriction of any bank to work on net banking. The customers of the bank can do all the work related to their account without going to the bank. Bank’s customers can check their account balance details at any time and you can transfer money from your account to any other account whether the bank is open or not.

03- Through net banking you can easily monitor your account 2023 –

In today’s time, frauds have started appearing with the bank customers. Avoiding these types of frauds has become very easy through net banking. Through net banking, you can easily keep an eye on all kinds of work. You can very easily disable your debit card, credit card and net banking login in case someone tries to do fraud with your account. Due to which your account will be safe and no one will be able to do fraud with your account.

04- Net banking saves time 2023-

In present times you can complete any transaction within few minutes by using net banking through internet. Through Net Banking, you can view your account details in a very simple way. Through net banking, bank related work can be done in very less time.

05- Net banking is a very good facility of the bank 2023–

The best feature of net banking is that you can view your passbook from net banking. All types of e-payments can be made through net banking. You can do all bank related work using net banking.

Following are the disadvantages of net banking 2023-

The use of net banking is very useful in the modern era, but along with it there are some disadvantages of net banking which are being told to you in this article-

• There is always a fear of ID on net banking 2023-

With the use of net banking, there is always a fear in the bank’s customer that the money deposited in his account may not be stolen by someone by the ID. At present, the customers of the bank using net banking are being cheated the most because in today’s time it does not matter how much security you have got from your bank. If you make even a small mistake, then you can lose the amount deposited in your account. Today’s are very clever, Your slightest mistake can clear all the money in your account.

To use net banking safely, some things should be kept in mind 2023-

The most important thing while using net banking is that which you should never do while using net banking. These tasks are as follows-

1- Never share your net banking related information with anyone 2023-

While using net banking, you must ensure that you do not share your bank details with anyone. The concerned bank specialist always informs his customers through calls and SMS that he should never share his internet banking login such as user name and password with anyone. The bank never asks this information from its customer. Apart from this, you should never tell any OTP to anyone. With this,

can withdraw the amount deposited in your account through your debit card and credit card. Therefore, you should always be alert in this regard and do not share this information with anyone.

2- You should not use cyber cafe for net banking 2023-

Never use the computer of cyber cafe to use net banking as it may put your ID and password at risk. Using an outside computer can steal your confidential information.

3- Net banking should be used on your device 2023 –

Net banking should always be used on your device only. So that your secret information is safe and no can steal money from your account. Using NetBanking across your devices will keep all your information secure.

4- Change your passcode from time to time 2023-

While using Net Banking, it is necessary that you keep changing the Net Banking Password from time to time to protect your Internet Banking. So that your safety remains. If you feel any insecurity while working on net banking, then you should change your passcode immediately so that no one can your passcode.

5- Always keep good antivirus running in the device 2023–

Security of your computer is very important while using net banking. For which it is necessary to have an antivirus of a good company in your device. Due to this one virus will not come in your computer and secondly your computer will not be soon. It is also very important to keep your computer’s antivirus updated.

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